There are people out there who
are incredibly great at business.
They build huge global companies.
It’s very impressive.

That is not what we’re great at.

We’re great at making chips.

Because we do it Uncle Ray’s way.

It’s not the biggest way you can do it.

It’s sure not the fastest.

But it’s the

way Uncle Ray

wants it done.

Which is just

about exactly

the way he’s

done it since 1965.

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Of course, as the popularity grew,
the company grew. And now more
people, in more places, are loving
Uncle Ray’s way than ever.

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Sure, some other companies are bigger
than us. Worldwide food manufacturing
corporations. Vertically-integrated,
heavily automated, experts in mass
production. That’s just not who we are.

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We’re a bunch of people who make
snacks Uncle Ray’s way.

You’d like him, by the way.
Uncle Ray. He’s kind of old
fashioned. Stuck in his
ways. But they’re good
ways. He’s a good man.

A man who has a “That’s my
name on the package” kind of 
pride in everything that goes
out the door.

We’re not the biggest snack 
company out there. But we do okay.
Maybe even better than okay.


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